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Paul David Tripp - Post from Wednesday Word- Oct 7, 2015 - "PEOPLE"

Paul David Tripp – Post from Wednesday Word- Oct 7, 2015 – “PEOPLE”

Paul David Tripp – Post from Wednesday Word- Oct 7, 2015 – “PEOPLE” 1920 1080 cheryl

Don’t miss this incredible word from Paul David Tripp:?”PEOPLE ? You should be thankful for the people whom God places in your life.?You should love them dearly. You should treat them with honor and respect. You should do all you can to maintain the unity and peace of your relationship. You should be willing to give generously and serve sacrificially. You should be humble as they speak truth into your life.?BUT … you cannot look to people to provide for you what only Christ can provide.”

There are many, many Christian relationships that are painful and marked by conflict and disappointment because one person, or both people, in those relationships are placing a burden on the other person that no human can bear:

  • No person can be the foundation of your identity
  • No person can provide the source for your joy
  • No person can give you a reason to get up in the morning
  • No person can give you a reason to continue in the midst of difficulty
  • No person can be the carrier of your hope
  • No person can give your heart peace and rest
  • No person can change you from the inside out
  • No person can alter your past
  • No person can atone for your wrongs

AND YET … we have all asked someone, at some point and in some way, to be the fourth member of the Trinity for us!

It’s simply a relationship doomed for failure. When we ask a person to do for us what only Christ can do, we place a crushing and impossible burden on them, and then judge them when they fall short.

It’s vital to remember that human love is a wonderful thing – you should pursue people who love you, and you should be pursued by people because you’re loving. But you will only ever find life – real, heart-changing, soul-satisfying life – in a vertical relationship with one Person (capital P).

Only Christ can be your source of spiritual vitality and strength. Only Christ can save you, change you and deliver you from you. One Christ can give your soul what it’s desperately seeking.

Could it be that the disappointment you experience in your relationships is the product of unrealistic and unattainable expectations? Could it be that you have unwittingly put people in God’s place? Could it be that you ask the people to do what only Christ can do for you?

There is but one Savior, and He is yours forever. You don’t need to put that burden on the person next to you.

God bless

Paul Tripp



  1. What person, or people, are you thankful that God has placed in your life? Why?
  2. Is there a way in which you’re looking to them for what only Christ can provide?
  3. How have your past relationships suffered as a result of your unrealistic and unattainable expectations? What can you change moving forward?

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Great word on Paul David Tripp

Great word on Prayer… Paul David Tripp

Great word on Prayer… Paul David Tripp 1920 1080 cheryl

?Prayer is abandoning all other objects of worship and giving myself to the daily worship of God alone.I shouldn?t have to say this, but I think it is necessary?prayer is an act of worship. It is profoundly more than bringing to God our grocery lists of self-defined wants and needs. Here are seven ways in which prayer is rooted in worship.

Prayer acknowledges God?s existence. This is the bottom line of all true prayer. It begins and ends with the recognition that there is something more ultimate in the universe than you. Prayer places emphasis firmly on the first four words of the Bible: ?In the beginning, God . . .? So prayer is an acknowledgment of God as Creator and Sovereign. It is rooted in assent to his power, wisdom, and rule. It would make no ?sense to pray if you thought that God was your equal.

Prayer bows to God?s glory. This is the constant requirement of prayer. You cannot pray properly without recognizing that there is a greater glory in this universe than your own glory or the variegated glories of the physical created world. Prayer is recognition that no created glory can or will ever satisfy the heart of the one who prays. It flows from the understanding that it is only when you live for the glory of God that your heart can rest content.

Prayer submits to God?s plan. Prayer is not asking God to endorse and resource your plan for your life. Prayer is recognition that the One who made the world, including you, knows what is best for you. As the psalmist says, ?the rules of the LORD are true, and righteous altogether? (Ps. 19:9). Prayer is not bringing your list and asking God to sign on the bottom. Prayer is handing God a blank sheet that you have already signed and trusting him to fill it out as he sees fit.

?Prayer confesses allegiance to God?s kingdom. Prayer is recognition that on this side of eternity there is a war between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of self. In prayer, you don?t ask God to endorse the self-focused little dreams of your claustrophobic kingdom of one; rather, you commit your heart to the plans and purposes of God?s kingdom and seek the grace to be part of what God is doing and not in the way of it.

Prayer rests in God?s provision. True prayer isn?t spoken in a panic, but in a spirit of trust and rest. You know that the One to whom you pray is near, faithful, and willing to meet your every need.
?Prayer celebrates God?s grace. True prayer arises when you are blown away by grace, for it is grace that gives you the desire to pray, the welcome of God to pray, and the promise that he will answer.
Prayer commits to God?s work. Finally, prayer is an acknowledgment that between the ?already? and the ?not yet,? there is work of God to be done, and you need wisdom and strength for that work.?

Excerpt From: Paul David Tripp. ?New Morning Mercies.? Crossway. iBooks.
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