Services We Offer

Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs offer several services when it comes to ministering to individuals and couples concerning marriage and leadership in the home, family, and in their relationships. They are also available to speak at your church or conference.

Spiritually Informed

We have been meeting & encouraging couples + individuals for 10+ years & have spoken across the country over the past 2 decades.

Readily Accessible

Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs are readily accessible and happy to connect either by phone, video, messaging, or in-person.

Published Authors

Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs are co-authors of I Do Again: How We Found a Second Chance at Our Marriage?and You Can Too.

Biblical Marriage Counseling

We help relationships thrive in marriage and life, as well as how to purposefully strive to understand God?s Word, and live out the abundance God has for you spiritually, emotionally, relationally, sexually, physically and vocationally. We offer one-on-one, couples, and couple to couple appointments; Jeff one on one with men and Cheryl one on one with women. Our offices are located at The Hope Center in Plano, Texas.

Speaking Engagements

Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs share their love story of Hope, Redemption, Restoration, and Jesus taking hold of their lives at conferences and weekend worship services in churches across the nation. Their remarkable story offers renewed hope for even the most troubled marriages, and reveals why the rewards of restoration are well the worth the wait. They are also available for conferences or retreats. Contact us for more information.

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Thriving Beyond Belief Podcast

Many people feel overwhelmed with the chaos of life and lack what they need to truly thrive. Our podcast and online community provides individuals and couples with encouragement and support to better manage their stress, create healthy relationships, and build a life to thrive beyond belief.

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