Men/ husbands/ boyfriends? Are you ready to be dared by Mark Driscoll

Men/ husbands/ boyfriends? Are you ready to be dared by Mark Driscoll

Men/ husbands/ boyfriends? Are you ready to be dared by Mark Driscoll 150 150 cheryl

Several years ago, Mark Driscoll, preaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. preached a sermon to men called Marriage & Men. It is by far one of the best sermons we have ever heard. Listen to the excerpt or full sermon:[youtube][/youtube]


  • Hello. I just wanted to leave a comment letting you know how great it was to have heard Jeff and Cheryl’s testimony about their marriage at Lake Pointe last Sunday. I din’t know what the message would be but I figured it would be a remembrance of 911. As I sat and listened to their story I felt such a connection as my wife and I where in somewhat of the same situation. We don’t attended Lake Pointe. My wife has never been. I work as a media volunteer, but finding Christ for the first time the previous week, I invited my wife to the service. We were both humbled by the story told by the guest speakers and we took it to heart. My wife and I are just days before signing divorce papers which we both agree should proceed because we feel the marriage was never true in the eyes of God since I was Not a Christian among other circumstances. We feel proceeding with the divorce will put the fake marriage behind us. I hope now, moving forward in my steps with God, I will find and reclaim my love for my wife and possibly remarry her in the near future, truly as husband and wife under the true eyes of God.

    As in the story told by Cheryl, I myself felt an enormous eye opening experience when I finally gave God my life and allowed him into my heart. It was clear to me as a man, a husband and father I needed to make things right. I don’t know if the future will bring my wife and I back together as a true married couple, but I now feel for the first time I am a better man walking with God in my life and I leave it up to him to set my path.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, it really meant a lot to both my wife and I.

    Michael Insuaste

    • Hi Michael, thanks for writing and glad God has used our story to speak to your heart. The only thing I might say is that getting divorced to then possibly “start over” may not be what we would suggest. No matter what. “God hates divorce”. God can take even the most broken parts of your marriage and make them brand new without getting a divorce.
      Anyone else have a thought?

    • Michael,
      Reconciliation is much more possible when married than when divorced.Fight for your marriage

  • Hello again,
    Well, I found myself Googling my name and clicked on this site once again. I appreciate the feedback and comments left to my post. To update my story, my wife and I did finalize our divorce. We both felt it was the thing to do considering all we have been through. Since then, and even before the signage, we have grown in each others lives, but more importantly, on October 21, 2011, I have come to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I lived a prideful and foolish life for way too long. Though my walk has been short so far, it has been a joyful one now that I have God in my heart, His grace and forgiveness and realizing what life is really about. I have my ex-wife by my side and both she and I look forward to the day when we once again can be man and wife in the eyes of our God. Thank you again for sharing your story Cheryl. You helped us more than you know. michael

  • Hi Michael,
    I’m so glad you have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Your salvation is imperishable and can never be lost. I urge you to be very much in His Word ,consistent prayer and fellowship with other fellow believers. These are important to grow in Christ
    It is my prayer that you and your wife will resolve the problems that led to the divorce and eventually reconcile and re-marry

  • Hello,

    I have been married for six and a half years. I have been in Iraq for almost 2 years on and off, and the space and time apart is destroying our marriage. My wife has some medical conditions which cause her pain and an incurable kidney disease.We have waited to have children due to timing of careers and medical issues. I was not fully aware my marriage was having issues, until Valentines day this year. My wife sent me a copy of 5 languages of love and we talked it was like a bomb went off. I found out so many things she did not tell me, and all this really made me reevaluate my life and my position with god. I truely going through some hard times right now, being over five thousand miles away tryin to keep the person I love the most loving me. I am looking for advice with my situation.

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