……let’s continue with 1 Peter 3…….

……let’s continue with 1 Peter 3…….

……let’s continue with 1 Peter 3……. 150 150 cheryl

Do you nag your husband? Gripe at him? Complain to him? I do…… ugh. Gosh I hate that about myself.

Why do I do that??? I do that because it says in Genesis that I will try and lord over my husband in our marriage….one of the consequences of the Fall.

Do you realize that your husband has his own insecurities and self-image problems? So what do you think one of his greatest needs is? It is to have a wife with a supportive attitude.

How does your husband respond to your nagging and critical spirit? Most husbands respond by insulating & hardening his heart against her! Emotionally, rather than drawing close to his wife, he most likely withdraws. Nice huh??? That’s what we want, right? Of course not! We want connection in our relationship. We want cohesiveness. We want unity.

So ladies, let’s do a heart check……. where is yours in this? Are you willing to be obedient to God and become the wife He has called you to be even if your husband is not being what God has called him to be??

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