Jeff & Cheryl – Our story, with FBC West Monroe, LA

Jeff & Cheryl – Our story, with FBC West Monroe, LA

Jeff & Cheryl – Our story, with FBC West Monroe, LA cheryl

Listen to Jeff and Cheryl?s story about their marriage, their divorce, and the amazing story of God bringing it back full circle. Read about their story in their book I Do Again.
  • I never get tired of hearing this testimony. It just highlights the GREATNESS of our God. I thank God for you as a couple. He lead me to read and know of His work in your marriage when I was in pieces because of the damage I’d caused my husband and marriage. I’ve read your book and listened to this powerful testimony about a dozen times. Thank you for your transparency. I continue to pray for my own marriage, for God to work in us and in the marriage for His glory. You guys are AMAZING. so encouraging. Keep us in prayer. Hope to meet you one day, God permitting. Love from London, UK

  • Arie van wingerden April 20, 2013 at 10:31 pm

    Thank you for your message. I’m the one that admitted to unfaithful ness but sadly my wife is insisting on a divorce. I do believe and continue to pray for healing. It’s almost two years. We were together for 37. God is faithful.

  • I am so very grateful to the Lord for leading me to your book. I read it through and started reading it again the next day! I am grateful for the multi-layered message that this book brings. My husband Jeff and I have been divorced for just over 2 years. God has consistently confirmed in me to continue to pray for the restoration of my marriage; so that is what am doing. Your book has provided yet another level of certainty and hope that this is God’s plan for me. The experiences in this book that I relate to are numerous; I am overwhelmed! God is working in me every day and I’m so humbled. Showing me how imperative it is to trust, obey and remain patient, but above all, love Him more than I love Jeff. I am praying for God to get Jeff’s attention! I deeply love him and desire first and foremost for Jeff to know Christ and the forgiveness and love He has for him as well as the plans He has for Jeff. Thank you again for sharing your story, giving God the glory and reminding me who I am in Him.

  • Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs August 8, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    Jane thank you for sharing! May God bless your lives with restoration, renewal and reconciliation! Eph 3:20, Matt 19:26

  • I have been praying for restoration of our marriage for a long time we have been great friends even being divorced until recently now we are tightening all the time but I still belive God cAn heal us but I have to give up trying to do it and trust God it is hard when it moms impossiable

  • Cheryl, I am one year into my emotional affair that turned my family upside down. I know the Lord’s heart for marriage but have allowed the enemy to rob me of my joy in order to keep my affair going. I feel very emotionally attached to the other man and my feelings for my spouse are mostly nonexistent. Your story is very encouraging to me, it brings me hope of peace however I am seeking advice on how to let go of the other man. I feel trapped in my marriage but also trapped in my sin. As my relationship with God is growing, I see my relationship with the other man as awful sin but I feel like a drug addict who can’t break free. I pray for The Lord to change my heart or deliver me and believe He will, but living under constant suspicion with my husband is smothering me and letting go of my affair has broken my heart (I’m two weeks free of the affair so far). Im very fearful i will return to him again. Do you have any resources I can turn to for help? Thank you so much for sharing your story!!

    • go to and you will also find helpful information that is biblically based. It is difficult to fight this battle alone. Let the Word be a lamp to your feet. Best wishes.

  • You give me hope. My husband left for another woman and says he is finally happy. It’s been two years and now he wants to marry her. My heart hurts but I believe in restoration

  • I’ve been standing for my marriage for almost two years now. My husband is now living with the other woman, his co-worker. I’ll spare all the other ugly details. I just relieved your book in the mail yesterday. I started reading and didnt want yo put it down. I read it at lunch and couldn’t wait to get home to start where I left off..,your story is so encouraging. And, I have twins as well. Boys. They are 23. Both graduated Christian colleges, in the army and one is a pastor while the other one is in nursing. We all 3 are standing praying for my husband. Thank you for your book. Thank you for your faith. Thank you for your story!

  • Awesome testimony of Gods power at work in your marriage restoration. My wife had left me and our kids saying she didn’t love me anymore after 22 years of marriage. Standing on the promise God gave me for a marriage and family restoration. It’s been a tough 3 years but I’m still standing and believing. Thank you for your story and encouragement.

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