Matching Gifts Grant awarded by Good News Outreach Foundation

Matching Gifts Grant awarded by Good News Outreach Foundation 150 150 cheryl
Matching Gifts Grant awarded by Good News Outreach Foundation

We are excited to let you know that Hope Matters Marriage Ministries has again been awarded a $25,000 matching gifts grant from the Good News Outreach Foundation for any new gifts for the balance of 2013.

?We are humbled by and so grateful for God’s continued provision for HMMM. It has been a year of great promise and blessing as our Lord Jesus has healed many marriages and restored broken families and broken hearts. What a blessing that we get to be a part of this. There have been several remarriages with one just this past Tuesday and another scheduled before the end of the year. Praise Him! ?We have had some opportunities to speak about God’s love and His redemptive plan through various media opportunities and conferences with more on the books for next year. Please pray that we would be good stewards of these opportunities and please prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to Hope Matters before the end of the Year. Your contribution will be doubled by the Good News Outreach Foundation. Donations made to HMMM which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

Hebrews:12:1-2 “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that has been set before us looking to Jesus the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.”

“An affair is an escape from reality”…..Steve Farrar

“An affair is an escape from reality”…..Steve Farrar 150 150 cheryl

“An affair is an escape from reality”…..Steve Farrar


Don’t miss this new Bible….releases in Oct 2011…..5 years in the making

Don’t miss this new Bible….releases in Oct 2011…..5 years in the making 150 150 cheryl

Product Description

“So what?” That’s the response many people have to the Bible. Read a passage, interpret it, and still they ask, “So, what difference does that make in my life?”

In the Life Essentials Study Bible, renowned Bible teacher Gene Getz complements the full text of the popular HCSB translation by elaborating on 1,500 principles in Scripture that are as relevant today as when the?66 books of the Bible were written. Distilling these truths into principles, Getz helps the reader more easily remember and effectively apply the Bible’s wisdom to everyday life. He explains how each of these principles represents a supracultural truth?one that can and should be applied at any moment in history and in every cultural situation.

In addition, the Life Essentials Study Bible was created with an integrated digital study system?more than 250 hours of free online coaching (via a scan of a QR code) content led by Getz?that fosters a greater understanding of the Bible’s grand story.


  • Getz’s pertinent questions inspire personal reflection or group discussion of each principle
  • Book introduction to each book of the Bible and its list of corresponding principles
  • A topical index
  • Cross references for all 1,500 principles
  • A two-piece gift box
  • Presentation page

Marriage is a blessing…..give us your ideas

Marriage is a blessing…..give us your ideas 150 150 cheryl

What makes your marriage successful? We would like to hear from you!

There’s something about simplicity…….

There’s something about simplicity……. 150 150 cheryl

There’s something to say about simplicity, isn’t there? Every day in our counseling practice we hear, “we are just so busy, we don’t have time to spend time with each other ………the kids this, the kids that; my work etc.” We are all busy aren’t we? But the thing to contemplate is “what is really important?”

Jeff and I were reminded a couple of weeks ago that much of our busyness depends on us. It helped us to reflect once again on what is important.

God gave us a gift the first part of August. We were the hosts for the Sky Ranch Family Camp in Colorado for a week. We flew from Dallas and had an 1 1/2 hour drive to the camp. Before we hit the road, we stopped at a small country restaurant for a great breakfast and then headed into the mountains. They actually had Sirius radio in our rental car so we listened to some wonderful music as we talked and admired the beauty before us!

We arrived at the camp too early, so drove to the nearest “city”, Lake City. We landed at Mean Jeans Coffee Shop for a cup of joe. This started a week of reflection.

What do we really need in life? We were forced to slow down. To reflect. To think. To pray. We left Mean Jeans and drove to the camp. We were met by enthusiastic young counselors welcoming us and the 10 families that we would spend the week with. They insisted on taking our bags to our 250 foot square cabin. And this cabin was our haven for the week. 250 square feet…… Enough for what we needed. A bed, a small kitchen, a bathroom with a shower.

We had no internet or phone service. The first 24 hours was a bit weird without the technology, but this soon was a delight. We hung out with all the families and built some incredible relationships during our stay.

The question we came back with was: WHAT DO WE REALLY NEED IN THIS LIFE?

Would love your comments……….

Thanks for the review, Jen, on

Thanks for the review, Jen, on 150 150 cheryl


August 4, 2011
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Location:?Alberta, Canada
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Meets Expectations:
5 out of 5
I Do Again is a very unusual book. Not so much in that it is written by a husband and wife writing team (this is something that I see with increasing frequency) but in that it is written by a married couple that has married, divorced, and remarried. I strongly believe that the church is suffering from weak teaching on marriage and even worse church disciple and follow-through as couples professing Christ divorce as often as those who do not. That is why I Do Again is such a vitally important book. Whether you are single and planning to marry, are currently married, or are divorced, I highly recommend reading it.
The Scruggs married, pursued an active life as young professionals, and basically enjoyed themselves. When their daughters entered the picture however, things changed. The added stress of children on the marriage drove Cheryl into the arms of another man through her search to satisfy herself. After ten years of marriage, theirs ended in divorce. God however, had a plan to redeem their marriage, and after drawing both Cheryl and Jeff to Himself, he faithfully led them back towards each other over an extended period of time. Seven years later they remarried and dedicated their new union to the one who had saved not only them, but their marriage as well.
Written in alternating, chronological points of view, I Do Again is nothing if not raw. It is a very honest account of the emotional journey both Cheryl and Jeff took throughout their life together and apart from each other. If you are in a struggling marriage, reading through the pain of their divorce will definitely make you think twice before making the decision to split asunder what God has joined together. It is particularly valuable reading for women who tend to feel unhappy, emotionally unfulfilled, and discontent (don?t we all feel this way from time to time) and who struggle with the temptation the world offers to ?just be happy?. Divorce is not a happy thing.
This is an amazing joint memoir; it will serve as a stark reminder for the rest of my life that divorce is not God?s will. I cried. Often. Don?t be surprised if you do too. For those who have divorced I Do Again offers the hope that what is broken can be restored, and that with God all things are possible, even what is entirely impossible for man.
I received a print copy of this book to review. All opinions are genuine and my own.

Recent review on for – “I Do Again”

Recent review on for – “I Do Again” 150 150 cheryl

We recently received this review from author Linda Rooks on our book, I Do Again. Thank you Linda! Linda wrote a fascinating book called Broken Heart on Hold for those struggling in their marriage. Don’t miss it!


June 29, 2011
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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Meets Expectations:
5 out of 5
Words don?t do justice to the amazing vulnerability that comes through on every page of I Do Again.
Reading I Do Again is like reading a romance novel, but in this case the story is absolutely true, and it is riveting. I just could not put the book down. After I read it, I gave it to my husband, and even as a man he had the same response.
The book is beautifully and effectively written, interspersing the story of Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs with later counseling sessions and different time periods to gain maximum effect and keep the reader totally engaged. Since my husband and I have a ministry to those in troubled marriages, I frequently refer the book to those whose marriages are breaking down. They too are amazed at the honesty they find and are spellbound by the way the story is so intricately and superbly woven together.
In the telling of their story, the Scruggs allow the reader inside their hearts and minds while their marriage disintegrates. It is an incredibly accurate picture of the collapse of a marriage. By reading this book, people in marital crisis can get a clear picture of what may be happening in their own marriage, particularly as it pertains to one spouse?s declaration that, ?I don?t love you anymore . . . in fact, I?m not sure I ever did.? By following the Scrugg?s story, one clearly sees the way a disenchanted spouse can drift into another relationship and then find themselves totally ensnared and completely blind to the pain they are causing their children and their abandoned spouse.
But, happily, the book doesn?t leave the reader in that dismal place. As we continue to read the story of Cheryl and Jeff, we live in Cheryl?s mind as she struggles to restore the marriage she herself ended by divorcing her husband. It is a clear picture of renewal, and as we travel with her on this journey we come to understand how positive transformation and spiritual renewal takes place in both an individual and a marriage.
I know God will use this book to open people?s eyes and heal many marriages. If your marriage is in trouble, read this book. If you have a friend whose marriage is spiraling out of control, refer I Do Again to them. The book is about the pain of a marriage that falls apart, but it ends with a marriage being restored. Hopefully, the honest sharing of the story of this marriage can help other marriages find healing as well. Linda Rooks, Author of Broken Heart on Hold, Surviving Separation
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Don’t miss our new eBook Study Guide – Great for your Fall Bible Study

Don’t miss our new eBook Study Guide – Great for your Fall Bible Study 150 150 cheryl

Don’t miss our new eBook Study Guide ($8) from I Do Again.

This would be a great tool for your upcoming Fall Bible Study.

It is detailed, thorough and thought provoking.

Check it out on our resources page.


This Momentary Marriage by John Piper

This Momentary Marriage by John Piper 150 150 cheryl

Read on John Piper’s website,

this article on:

This Momentary Marriage”, A Parable of Permanence

This Momentary Marriage

Jack Graham on Leaving a Legacy along with Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs @ Prestonwood Baptist Church – May 22, 2011

Jack Graham on Leaving a Legacy along with Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs @ Prestonwood Baptist Church – May 22, 2011 150 150 cheryl

Going The Distance

Passage: Ephesians 5
Speaker: Jack Graham along with Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs
Series: Legacy: Living Your Legacy … Making Life Matter
Date: May 22, 2011

Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs