Audio: Jeff & Cheryl’s Story cheryl

Audio: Jeff & Cheryl’s Story

This is Jeff and Cheryl's story, during an interview and church service with Matt Chandler of the Village Church. [audio:|titles=MattChandler_Story-JeffAndCherylScruggs] Download the PDF transcript here. ---------- AUDIO TRANSCRIPT: Pastor Matt Chandler We've been talking about these letters to the churches in the book of Revelation and we've gone through three of them. We started in [...]
Am I a Servant in my Marriage? 150 150 cheryl

Am I a Servant in my Marriage?

We come in contact with hundreds of couples each year through our ministry, and one common denominator always reigns as a common thread to the majority of problems and issues that arise. What could that be you say? What would your answer be? Communication? Well, that is a big one. But one underlying factor trumps [...]
Sex is holy… 150 150 cheryl

Sex is holy…

One of the biggest struggles I see in my practice is a different view of sex than God had intended. With our culture bombarding us with sex from every angle, why are we surprised that it has lost its real meaning? Let's recall Adam and Eve. Didn't God create Eve because He knew Adam was [...]
The Silent Dying Heart…… 150 150 cheryl

The Silent Dying Heart……

Do you know how many marriages are falling apart around you? Tons! Is yours one of them? Does anyone know? Do you realize your marriage can be different...loving, exciting, mature, peaceful? Do you realize that God created marriage and He wants you to have it abundantly?You may be silently dying inside.........You may be secretly contemplating [...]
It’s a matter of perspective… 150 150 cheryl

It’s a matter of perspective…

So....most of us see wounding as an awful thing. But it does not have to be. Let's look at it from a different perspective. I am reading an interesting book that addresses this topic. It says that "at the time wounding takes place it is very difficult but necessary to look at what happened in [...]
Your thought life can kill your marriage… 150 150 cheryl

Your thought life can kill your marriage…

Let's have a discussion........We are studying the book "Renovation of the Heart", by Dallas Willard, in our home group every other Sunday night. Tonight we talked about our thought life and how it affects our lives and our actions. I sat there with so much to say, but didn't say anything. I wasn't sure if [...]
My heart is sad… 150 150 cheryl

My heart is sad…

My heart aches today. The reality of marriages and families falling apart all around us is overwhelming. I am around it all the time being in marriage ministry and being a biblical counselor. My marriage failed once, but God offered us a second chance. And that in itself is surreal. I think the pain I [...]
The Ebb & Flow of Marriage 150 150 cheryl

The Ebb & Flow of Marriage

Author, David Powlison, wrote some incredible words regarding sanctification that fit very nicely with the way of marriage. Sometimes we have lost hope in our marriage but God is always sanctifying us through it. Take these words to heart as you ponder your own marriage and how obedience, perseverance and endurance play a necessary part. [...]
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