BEING A SERVANT in your marriage…

BEING A SERVANT in your marriage…

BEING A SERVANT in your marriage… 150 150 cheryl

Why is so hard to be a servant to our spouse? Serving is hard isn’t it? It takes being completely selfless, and less self-absorbed. It takes being less selfish and more concerned about our spouse than ourselves. Have you ever tried to serve when you really don’t feel like it? Do you remember the Peace that came over you when you realized it’s not about you and about someone else? Ponder this thought this week and do something nice (even if it is small) for your spouse.

  • I still do my husband’s laundry even when he says mean things to me and continues to call me names. It’s hard for me to do this. I start out piling all his clothes in the basket and leaving it in hi closet. But the Holly Spirit convicts me. When I obey the holly Spirit I at peace.

  • sorry for the typosWhen i obey the Holly Spirit I am at peace. I know I can’t do Godly things on my own. I can only do them through Jesus Christ. I am struggling in my marriage, but I still give God the Glory. Better days will come Jer 29:11

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