….1 Peter 3 – Are you a safe place for your husband?

….1 Peter 3 – Are you a safe place for your husband?

….1 Peter 3 – Are you a safe place for your husband? 150 150 cheryl

1 Peter 3:1 says, “Likewise, wives, be subject to your own husbands…” A woman is to be in subjection to her own husband. Most of us buck this and don’t want any part of it. But do we understand it? What does this really mean? Does it mean she is a “doormat” whom he takes advantage of?

No! What it does mean, is a wife gracefully and reverently takes her place as her husband’s biggest supporters and as his biggest helper! “Ugh”, you say?? Well , here’s the rub. When you are his biggest supporter, it makes him want to run to you, to be around you; to love you more! Hard to believe? I challenge you to try it.

How do you greet your husband when he walks through the door or comes in the room? Not just after work, but anytime? Are you kind, loving, gentle, and soft? Or are you harsh, demanding, abrupt, impatient and critical? Do you make him feel important or unimportant? When he walks in the room, does he feel he is noticed or go unnoticed?

Do you realize what it does to your man to love on him, pay him attention, and be patient with him? It makes him feel he has a place where his body & soul can rest.

“But what about me”, you say? I hear you, I really do. But your job is to take care of your side of the street, and see what God does with your husband’s heart.


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